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Go the Extra Mile
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Take Action Today & "Go the Extra Mile"

Can you help go the extra mile?  At Handi-Wheels we go the extra mile for those who need extra help.  And now we need you to help us continue to go the extra mile.

Click here to "Go the Extra Mile".


Handi-Wheels needs a different bus.  Our buses are getting older and have logged over 100,000 miles.  Acquisition of a different bus will allow us to continue providing crucial transportation service to people in need in our community to access medical care so vital to their overall well-being and self-sufficiency. 


Passengers rely on our services to access medical care, go shopping, attend worship services, and to ensure inclusion in our community.  DeAnn, a passenger that has cerebral palsy, stated, “Without Handi-Wheels, I would not be able to get out as much.  It’s vital to me.”  Another passenger, Cordia, said, Handi-Wheels “is an awesome service that is offered.  It has helped me maintain my independence.”


The cost of a used bus with lift capability is approximately $36,000.  Due to our financial situation, purchasing this bus without outside funding assistance is not possible.  We have started this fundraising campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a different bus. 


Would you go the extra mile and help people with unique needs be able to finish the ride?  How many extra miles can you help cover so people with specialized transportation needs can get to their medical appointments?  


Click here to "Go the Extra Mile".