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We Need Your Help!

Click here to make a donation online today!  

We need your help to keep the buses rolling and continue to provide transportation services to individuals that are not able to drive for themselves.  

Because of the generosity of our donors, hundreds are given the gift of mobility and the ability to remain healthy active members of their communities - people like DeAnn.

DeAnn is in a wheel chair and lives on her own.  She utilizes Handi-Wheels Transportation to get to her medical appointments and other activities that otherwise would be difficult for her to attend.  Handi-Wheels helps DeAnn maintain her self-sufficiency and to live a healthy life.  “Without Handi-Wheels I would not be able to get out as much.  It’s vital to me and that’s why it was started in the first place because people were not able to get out and go places” states DeAnn.  Her story and many others are a constant reminder of the importance of having affordable and accessible transportation like Handi-Wheels available.  

Handi-Wheels has been providing specialized transportation to people in need for over 40 years.  Today, your involvement is needed more than ever. Engage with us and be a part of the solution. Whether it is making an online donation, joining our “Go the Extra Mile” program, or volunteering, we want you as a partner!

Every donation is greatly appreciated and needed at Handi-Wheels. All donations, whether financial or in-kind, are tax-deductible. Thank you very much, your donation is appreciated!